Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Card Link Up!

I may or may not have made my holiday cards and failed to actually place the order for them this year...Cooper and I had a photo shoot and everything!  Good thing Kristen did a link up so I don't feel like it was a total waste. Pretend that you just walked out to your mailbox and are totally overjoyed to see your favorite puggle wishing you a Happy Holiday season, k?
{p.s. I promise to be more domestic/less ADD and actually print them next year!}


  1. Cute photo session. I just barely got mine out and last year I received a lot of "New Year" cards. It's a busy time of year!

    1. Thank you! Maybe I will make it a New Years card instead - good idea :)

  2. Oh no, that sucks. We've been married for three years and we FINALLY sent cards out this year. {We got a new camera last year and hubs had this great idea of his, so we went for it. And, I actually had time to order and address them, which helps!} Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas!